The Cardinal Sins Ride Again!

Current Liturgy Schedule

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Upcoming Liturgies

Liturgies are Sunday evenings at 5:00 PM.

The schedule of In Person and Online Liturgies is listed below.

In Person Liturgy dates may have Live Streaming access for subscribed members.

Please subscribe to our mailing list to get weekly updates for the next scheduled liturgy, as the liturgy schedule may change from In Person to Online depending on circumstances.

In Person Liturgies

DateTimeLiturgical Calendar
2024-02-115:00 PMOur Lady of Lourdes
2024-02-255:00 PM2nd Sunday of Lent
2024-03-105:00 PM4th Sunday of Lent
2024-03-245:00 PMPalm Sunday

Online Liturgies

DateTimeLiturgical Calendar
2024-02-045:00 PM5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
2024-02-145:00 PMAsh Wednesday
2024-02-187:30 PM1st Sunday of Lent
2024-03-035:00 PM3rd Sunday of Lent
2024-03-185:00 PM5th Sunday of Lent