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Community Guidelines for In Person Liturgies

The Dignity/Boston community responded to a survey in December 2022 about preferences for future liturgies.  A group composed of members of the Dignity/Boston Executive Board, Liturgy Committee, and Covid Task Force convened to develop a plan based on the survey and listening night feedback.  The intention of the group was to develop a plan for implementing In-Person Liturgies for 2023 that includes: 

  • Health and Safety protocols
  • Share the Word and Eucharistic Liturgies
  • Capability for streaming or viewing In-person liturgies. 

These guidelines were developed after a review from the community – an informal conversation on 4/2, the Liturgy Committee, and the Executive Board.

Given the change in the status of COVID infection rates currently, the board and liturgy committee agree that it is time that we moved to more frequent in-person liturgies.  The feedback from the community indicates a preference for a balance of both in-person and virtual liturgies each month.  We will continue to monitor rates of contagion and respond to public health recommendations. 

Essentially, we will offer in-person liturgies up to two times a month, usually the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month through October 2023, at which time we will reassess again.  We plan to begin offering a livestream option for those who wish to view the in-person liturgies online.

In order to sustain this model, the community is going to need to provide assistance.  We will be maintaining a list of people interested in being lectors, eucharistic ministers, readers, greeters and helping to clean up and put things away. 

Proof of vaccination will still be required but we will not mandate masks.  People will need to be respectful of those who decide to mask.  Designated church pew/s will be available for those preferring to mask and distance.

At times someone joining us may not be able to provide documentation of their vaccination. Those individuals will be required to wear a mask while participating.

It is important that people take responsibility for themselves – if they are feeling unwell, have a fever or test positive for COVID; they should stay home and participate via streaming.  

As a community, we will need to be flexible – there will be liturgies with ordained presiders and lay-led liturgies; if we don’t have the resources – presider, coordinator, sound, and tech people to provide an in-person liturgy, then we will have a virtual liturgy instead.