Updated Guidelines for In-Person Liturgies

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Community Guidelines for In Person Liturgies

Updated May 2024

Share the Word and In-Person Eucharistic Liturgies:

We offer in-person liturgies up to two times a month, usually the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month but this can change.  Please check the list of upcoming liturgies posted here.

As a community, we will need to be flexible – there will be liturgies with ordained presiders and lay-led liturgies; if we don’t have the resources – presider, coordinator, sound, and tech people to provide an in-person liturgy, then we will have a virtual liturgy instead.

For in-person liturgies, we do offer a livestream option for those who wish to join them online. Please make sure to join our mailing list to receive the weekly liturgy announcements with associated online links.

Health and Safety protocols:

The Executive Board, as well as members of our Covid task force, have met over the past few weeks and have come up with an updated version of our Covid policy for in-person liturgies.

Guidelines for Prevention of Respiratory Illness: Updated May 2024

The Dignity Boston Executive Board continuously monitors the rate of respiratory illnesses such as COVID-19, influenza (flu), and RSV in the community. Fortunately, seasonal flu, COVID-19, and RSV activity continues to decrease in most areas of the country, and warmer weather is here! The number of COVID-19 infections and the severity of illness have decreased overall, but there is still ongoing risk of respiratory illnesses. In particular, we recognize that some people are at higher risk for serious illness including the following: people with weakened immune systems, older adults, young children, people with disabilities, and pregnant people.


Please note that these recommendations are subject to change based on rates of respiratory illness in the community. Please click here for more information from the CDC.