The Millennium March on Washington caps off a weekend of GLBT-themed events that draws hundreds of thousands to Washington, D.C.

Dignity/Boston member Marianne Duddy is named Dignity/USA Executive Director.

Dignity/Boston members appear in an Advocate ad for Dignity/USA.

In an effort to make liturgies more welcoming, diverse and inclusive Dignity/Boston offers ASL interpreted liturgies once a month and translates the Order of Service and music selections into Braille.

Gay Catholics are saddened by the Pope’s comments that the WorldPride 2000 Celebration in Rome was an "insult" to the Jubilee Year and to Christians and that homosexuals act in ways contrary to natural law.

In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court rules that the Boy Scouts of America have the right to bar gays from its ranks. The ruling leads to a backlash against the Scouts.

Vermont governor Howard Dean signs civil union bill making Vermont the first state in the union to give gay and lesbian couples the same rights as married couples.


Paris elects openly gay Bertrand Delanoe as mayor.

Dignity/Boston holds first Blessing of the Animals event.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger announces the end of her controversial TV show, "Dr. Laura."

Hundreds of gay men and lesbians are among the victims and the rescue workers affected by the terrorist attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Rev. Jerry Falwell blames gay people in part for the terrorist tragedy.

The 20th anniversary of the CDC report on five cases of what would come to be known as AIDS.


The Boston Archdiocese is rocked with scandal as Cardinal Law is accused of covering up the fact that priests had been molesting minors by moving them to other parishes. The world is outraged.

Dignity/Boston takes an active role in the Church sex scandal by protesting at the Cathedral.

Peggy Burns of Dignity/Boston becomes Vice President of DignityUSA.

The Boston Globe starts running announcements of same-sex unions.

Timed to coincide with the 30th anniversary, Dignity/Boston unveils its new heart-and-cross logo.

Dignity/Boston mourns the death of its longtime friend and presider, Rev. Dr. Richard Rasi.

The Vatican accepts Cardinal Law's resignation in the wake of the church sex abuse scandal.

Dignity/Boston celebrates its 30th anniversary with a dinner dance at the Randolph Country Club (where it all started in 1972) and a copresided liturgy.


The Dignity/Boston Executive Board launches a Constitution Committee, a Presider Task Force, and a Pastoral Care Task Force to shape the future of our organization.

As the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts considers the legality of same-sex marriage, the four bishops of Massachusetts instruct Catholics to support a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex unions.

Dignity/Boston launches a campaign — including press releases, media interviews, contacts with legislators, and letters to the editor — encouraging Catholics to oppose the amendment.

In Lawrence v. Texas, the U.S. Supreme Court overturns its 1986 Hardwick decision and knocks down Texas' "Homosexual Conduct Law," which had outlawed sex between couples of the same gender. DignityUSA had filed an amicus brief in the Lawrence case.

Sean P. O'Malley OFM Cap. succeeds Cardinal Law as archbishop of the Archdiocese of Boston. In his his first public statement on issues affecting GLBT Catholics in the Archdiocese, he delivers the opening prayer to an anti-gay conference entitled "SOS, The Summit of October to Save Marriage" sponsored by the Massachusetts Family Institute.

Dignity/Boston members attend a silent vigil outside the conference.

The Episcopal Church consecrates its first openly gay bishop, Eugene V. Robinson of New Hampshire.

Dignity/Boston, along with MassEquality, the Freedom to Marry Coalition, and other GLBT organizations, testifies at the State House in favor of same-sex marriage.

Dignity/Boston helps raise funds for the renovation of its spiritual home, the Church of St. John the Evangelist.

Massachusetts' Supreme Judicial Court rules that same-sex couples are legally entitled to marry under the constitution of the Commonwealth — setting off a firestorm of controversy as lawmakers debate the legality of unions for gay and lesbian couples.

31st Dinner Dance, Newton MA - Holiday Inn, 9 inches of snow was arriving but 14 hearty Dignitites celebrated their Anniversary together. A member. filled in as the DJ and the hotel staff helped to make the evening festive.


As the same-sex marriage debate heats up in Massachusetts, Dignity/Boston accelerates its campaign to oppose a proposed amendment that bans gay marriage.

President George W. Bush proposes an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would ban same-sex marriage.

Several municipalities across the U.S., starting with San Francisco, begin issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

February 2004, 27 members of Dignity joined Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry and Equal Marriage at a rally on Boston Common.

The freezing cold temperatures allowed us to huddle with our allies against a rally sponsored by the Archdiocese on the opposite side of the street.

May 17, 2004, Same-sex marriage becomes legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, making it the first state in the United States to do so.

June 2004, Dignity/Boston received 2nd Prize for best Marching Group in Boston's Pride Parade.


January 23, 2005 - A snowstorm closes Dignity/Boston for the first time.

Pope John Paul II dies on April 2, 2005 after 27 years as pope. He is succeeded by Pope Benedict XVI.

Dignity/Boston participates and attends the 2005 Dignity/USA Biennial Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Canada becomes the 4th country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.


Massachusetts voters elect Deval Patrick Governor of the Commonwealth. Patrick is the Commonwealth’s first African American governor, and first to run on a pro-same sex marriage platform. 


On June 14, 2007, the Massachusetts Legislature defeated a constitutional amendment by a vote of 151 to 45. The amendment would have banned same-sex marriage in Massachusetts.

Dignity/Boston participates and attends the 2007 Dignity/USA 18th Biennial Convention in Austin Texas in July. Dignity/Boston celebrates its 35th Anniversary.

Lourdes Rodríguez-Nogués is elected Vice President of DignityUSA.


California becomes the second state after Massachusetts to legalize Same-Sex marriage. The Massachusetts Legislature overturns a discriminatory 1913 law used to prohibit out of state same-sex couples from marrying within the Commonwealth.

A successful lawsuit by Massachusetts based Gay and Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) resulted in a Connecticut Supreme Court ruling legalizing Same Sex Marriage in Connecticut. Connecticut becomes the third state after Massachusetts & California to do so.

In a sad setback for marriage equality, California residents voted to overturn same sex marriage rights by voting for Proposition 8 on November 3, 2008.

On the same day, voters across the nation came out overwhelmingly to vote for and elect Barack Obama, the nations 44th president. Obama is the first African American to hold this office.

In December, Dignity Boston held a peaceful prayer vigil in front of the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston’s South End. The vigil was in response to the Vatican’s refusal to support a non-binding resolution at the United Nations to de-criminalize homosexuality in over 70 countries. 


The Friday Night Supper Program (FNSP) celebrates its 25th anniversary. Friday Night Supper was co-founded in 1984 by Arlington Street Church, a Unitarian Universalist congregation, and Dignity Boston, and serves nutritious meals to Boston’s most vulnerable citizens. FNSP has never missed a Friday night regardless of weather or holidays in its entire 25-year history.

Dignity/Boston participates and attends the 2009 Dignity/USA 19th Biennial Convention in San Francisco, California in July. Over 30 members of the Dignity Boston community traveled to San Francisco for the convention. Highlights included the celebration of Dignity USA’s 40th anniversary.

In another sad setback for marriage equality, Maine residents voted to overturn same sex marriage rights.

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