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‘These aren’t my grandfather’s Knights of Columbus. And that’s a shame!’

DignityUSA Executive Director and Dignity Boston member Marianne T. Duddy-Burke wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post on the extravagant anti-marriage equality spending of the Knights of Columbus.


Quincy couple talk about transgender son’s sad journey

By Bella English
Globe Staff /  October 6, 2012



Marcia and Ken Garber had two girls, Sarah born first, and five years later another girl, Kristen. From the time she was in preschool, Kristen dressed like a boy and played with the boys.

“She used to try to pee over the toilet, like a boy,” says Marcia, who is a nurse. She and Ken live in Quincy; he is a retired Waltham firefighter.

In early elementary school, Kristen insisted on playing football, so her parents signed her up for Quincy Youth Football. She was the only girl on the team. When she finally realized that the boys were getting much bigger, she moved on to ice hockey.

“What happened was we got through elementary school, then we went to middle school and it was really hard for Kristen,” says Marcia.

Her use of the word “we” shows what a team this family was; that the pain felt by their daughter was pain felt by them all.

The Garbers are extraordinary parents, and they tell their extraordinary story for a cause bigger than themselves: for transgender children and their parents, and for others who need to be educated.

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Archdiocese issues no-discrimination admissions policy

Lisa Wangsness

Boston Globe Staff / January 13, 2011

The Archdiocese of Boston, under fire from all sides after a parochial school withdrew an admissions offer to the child of a lesbian couple, yesterday released a new Catholic schools admissions policy that said parochial schools will not “discriminate against or exclude any categories of students.’’

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