Dignity/Boston Pastoral Care Teams

Dignity/Boston serves as the primary spiritual support community for many, if not most, of its members. Therefore it is important for our community to provide resources for pastoral care and support beyond that offered through participation in weekly liturgies, social events, and educational programming. In response to this need, each month a Pastoral Care Team will offer short-term, focused pastoral care to members of our community, along with resources for referrals to more long-term care providers. Pastoral Care Teams would be the point people for crisis situations that happen at church on Sundays during a particular month, for board people who collect voicemail requests and chapter e-mail asking for help, and for support of the monthly healing ministry (part of the post-healing debriefing, possibly to help with follow-up with people after a healing service). In addition, these teams would coordinate responses/referrals to address expressed needs as well as coordinate pastoral visits/community presence to members who are seriously ill, hospitalized, or bereaved. To access this service please see a board member or presider for more information.

Dignity/Boston PO Box 170428, Boston, MA 02117 | Tel: 617.421.1915 Email: info@dignityboston.org
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