Letter from Dignity/Boston's Couples in Response to Bishops' Action

[Note: This letter was published in Bay Windows on June 12, 2003.]

To the Editor:

We are writing to express our profound disappointment and frustration with the Massachusetts Catholic bishops' recent request for parishioners to support legislation denying recognition of same sex unions. Instructing pastors to read this statement at Mass is an overt attempt by the Church to use its influence to promote discrimination.

As Catholics, we have committed ourselves in faithful, fruitful relationships, in the same way as those heterosexual couples routinely married by the Church. Our relationships have been blessed and celebrated in our Dignity/Boston faith community — witnessed and supported by hundreds of our relatives and friends, most of whom are Catholic. More importantly, we live out our vows of love and commitment on a daily basis. Our relationships are already a reality; we should not be denied the legal protection that the institution of marriage provides. Our loving partnerships do not threaten or diminish heterosexual marriage.

The bishops claimed that "homosexual persons have a right to and deserve our respect, compassion, understanding, and defense against prejudice, attacks and abuse." Yet by promoting legislation that would deny basic rights to Massachusetts' gay and lesbian citizens, they did none of the above. We urge everyone who values human rights to ask their legislators to oppose H 3190.

Rosemary Ananis and Janet O'Day, Wells, ME
Becky Burke and Marianne Duddy, Boston, MA
Margaret Burns and M.A. Ladd, Malden, MA
Sandy Figueroa and Lisa Miner, Arlington, MA
P. Hayes and J. Powers, Medford, MA
David Houle and Michael Sullivan, Arlington, MA
David Lenoir and Chuck Provancher, Arlington, MA
Denise and Elizabeth Marcellino-Boisvert, Melrose, MA
Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues and Diane Sidorowicz, Dorchester, MA

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