Dignity/Boston Denounces Bishops’ Efforts Against Same Sex Unions

June 1, 2003

Boston – The leaders of Dignity/Boston today voiced opposition to the campaign of the four Catholic bishops of Massachusetts to rally parishioners against civil recognition of same sex unions. Catholic pastors across the Commonwealth have been instructed to read and distribute a lengthy letter from the bishops detailing their opposition to same sex unions and calling on faithful Catholics to contact legislators in favor of a new law banning recognition of the partnerships of gay and lesbian people.

“It’s appalling that the Church that should stand for respect for all people is seeking to use its power and reach to advocate for discrimination,” said Chuck Provancher, president of Dignity/Boston. “We stand in witness against the church that would deny the loving, committed partnerships of same sex couples. At Dignity/Boston, we have celebrated and blessed many such partnerships joined by hundreds of supportive family and friends. These relationships are already a reality; these couples should not be denied the legal protection that the institution of marriage provides. Contrary to the claim of the bishops, these loving partnerships do not threaten or diminish heterosexual marriage.”

The leaders of Dignity/Boston call on all members and everyone who values human rights to ask their legislators to oppose H. 3190.

Dignity/Boston is a progressive and inclusive community of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered Catholics, our families, friends and supporters. Dignity/Boston celebrated its 30th year of service to the community and witness to the Catholic Church in 2002.


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